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And then there are the people you meet and then (not exactly) forget.

I auditioned (unsuccessfully, obviously) for Campus Aircheck's fifth batch, which meant I had some free rein around 906B and 907. Tin was on board that afternoon, so I went there, and a few other folks went in too.

One of those I met was Hazel, who was one of the luckier ones. But by then we were just sheepishly wishing each other luck, and just desperate for some photos. I had a photo with Tin that day, and Hazel's two other friends (whose names I can't recall now) were there too. I think it was the other guy who took the photo.

Chew-day's best moo-seek.
"At least you got a friendship, right?"
From left to right: Joey, Big D, Tin, Hazel, Hazel's-friend-whose-name-I-forgot, me

Five months later, I found the photo, and only because the station Hazel was auditioning for went kaput all of a sudden. Again, I'm the spectator, and she's the student DJ.

I was browsing through Jimmy Jam's site when I read a reply of hers to an entry I replied to minutes ago. And then I realized that the face was familiar. My photographic memory notwithstanding, I got this.

Well... yeah, I think you know where I'm going with this one.
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