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2012 in favorited tweets, because... why not?

Watching Lakers vs Houston. Can't help but laugh every time the commentator says, "and he's blocked by World Peace!"
Dia Frampton

Human beings naman tayo eh. So dean na din natin siya.
Lauren Montino on Greendale's Dean Pelton

Doing a death stare with some fans. I was here first, ladies. FIRST!!!
Mika Ayson, during a meet and greet with David Archuleta

It's not a "cliffhanger". She didn't hang, she fell.
American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe on the auditioner that fell off the stage during the Hollywood round

Had I taped my old cat cheating with a younger cat by his preggo spouse and put it on [YouTube], it would have gone viral for sure.
Dinna Respati

Facebook is all hearts and flowers. Maganda rin sana kung puro mukha ni @adamlevine.
Drea Dizon

Yeah, it's the other way. So you told me to tune in just to see her hypothetically die. What?
Dexter Tan on a Glee plot twist that definitely involves Dianna Agron

Being an artist in the Philippines is hard. Come, let us sell out!
Krizzie Syfu

I hope everyone but Darryl gets offed and it turns into a show about him and how badass he is.
Siobhan Magnus on Norman Reedus' character on The Walking Dead

I'm getting addicted to [Wiltime Big Time] because of Nandito Ako. This is bad, really bad.
Mika Ayson

When will I ever see you, "Missing Plug-In"?
Erika Polinag

Why is everyone eating Magnum? Isn't that a condom?
Joseph Espiritu

Do these guys like... hire some people to patrol Twitter just to wait if someone drops their name?
Dexter Tan after a conversation that involved our tweets being seen by RJ Ledesma and Hilary Isaac

The iPhone can practically launch stuff into space by remote, and yet, every iPhone owner used the SAME ringtone? Come on, humans. Come on.
Raising Hope's Shannon Woodward

My parents chose the S&R sale over me.
Krizia Paras

Mama texted who Kate Moss is. Am sensing she's playing Draw Something again.
Arlene Amante

Why would anyone go to the gym wearing full force make-up? Concealer, foundation, eyeliner? Sabay Instagram!
Jessica Manzano-Angeles

Can you keep a secret? My actual height is 6'2". Hindi lang halata. Shhh.
Carlo Cruz

Dapat mas bawal ang iPad kesa sa DSLR pag concerts.
Jill Cruz

It's madness if her legs aren't anywhere to be found. There could be a center spread on the cover book for that.
Kimmy de Leon on the album art for Haley Reinhart' Listen Up!

Why is everyone my age having babies? Di ba pwedeng career muna?
Krizzie Syfu

My girl friends say that pa-beautiful eyes has lost its power. So did the puppy dog pout. So when all else fails, CRY.
Janelle Santos on tips to avoid getting tickets from police

Sort of thankful I'm not super hot and talented or I'd be doing embarrassing [song]/dance numbers on Sunday afternoon variety shows.
Jill Cruz

Dahil sa sobrang init, sobrang taas na ng ponytail ko. Di na to ponytail. Unicorn horn na to.
Noreen Santos

Overheard: "Kids, it was the summer of 2012 when your Aunt Robin decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D."
Marielle Antonio on Cobie Smoulders' stint on The Avengers

Good golly, I'm deleting that tweet. I was in the beach, people.
Janelle Santos, after tweeting that she hasn't worn a bra in days - because she was wearing a bikini top

Adele and I are the same age? What is this sorcery? Plus, I'm even older than her... by about a month.
Isa Arias

Oo ka na lang. You're one of us. You just don't spazz and squee like us.
Jean Bautista, calling me a Cookista

Warning: there are many Indonesians who cannot spell Philippines correctly. Before David, I couldn't.
Dinna Respati

My Photoshop skills went down the drain four years ago. I need a plumber.
Maica Hautea

Got called a Diablo widow at work. Good times.
Michelle Ayuyao

PBB Teens, kakaiba kayo. Di naman ako ganyan nung teenage years ko!
Ale Tejada

Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday's duet consumed twenty years' supply of my voice.
Jaja Samaniego

Random people on the street: "si Jessica Sanchez!" Thrice ata to nangyari. As in strangers calling me Jessica Sanchez! Lord whyyy.
Madel Asuncion, who does look like Jessica Sanchez

Globe and Smart, unahan na kayo sa "I thought I was unlimited".
Kimmy de Leon on Miriam Defensor-Santiago's classic quip during Renato Corona's impeachment

Noynoy is too busy playing Diablo III to realize he (yes, he) won.
Mika Ayson after Renato Corona is proven guilty by the impeachment court

I very rarely get complimented on my accent, so I'm having that one!
Andrew Collins

Note to self: when choosing what NBA team to root for, the most important consideration is looks. Kahit talunan.
Monica Alcoseba

If I had a secret lover I won't keep it as a secret.
Jackie Uy

You know you're a Potterhead when you write and mention herbology when you mean botany.
Edsel Mendoza

Okay. I thought of that as well. You'll be Twitter buddies by that time. Yiheeeeeee!
Lauren Montino, after I got a(nother) reply from Triple J's Linda Marigliano

Ahhhh, does fro suffice?
So You Think You Can Dance finalist (and later winner) Eliana Girard on what adjective best describes her

Bitch, shut up, Amy is talking!
Korinne Lirio while watching Face to Face

Shoutout to Robert Pattinson: if you date me, I would never cheat on you.
Mika Ayson

OO NA MAY TWISTER FRIES NA. FB, Instagram, Twitter, oo na. Like hindi every year nagkakaroon, eh.
Ranice Suguitan

When my dad's officemates tell me that I'm so big, I can't tell if it's because I'm older or fatter.
Mika Ayson

I hope you forgive me when, in the first two seconds, my brain registered "oh, a brunette Ashley Tisdale."
Dexter Tan on... you guess who

You just dissed my number one and two favorite radio stations in one swipe. I feel so worthless now.
Jayvee Sacramento on my hatred for the Magic and boredom for the Monster

Just for the record, I didn't make the first move.
Carmel Puertollano

We had a Filipino nurse last night and at one point we couldn't understand what she said. Dad said, "call Niko!"
Kira Merritt

Tutoring my sister in math. I hold a math degree but fifth grade divisibility rules are... what again?
Cheska Baquiran

Had to read your tweet out loud to figure out why you apologized. And then I sang it.
Cam Adraincem after I tweeted her "sio, sio, sio, siomai", in reference to, yes, a Haley Reinhart song

Lokokin ko kaya si ate, sabihin ko i-announce sa mic, "Blair Carabuena, window 9."
Carlo Cruz

Tagalugin ko kaya yung blog ni @nikobatallones tapos sabihin ko ako gumawa nun. Anyway, according to Sen. Tito Sotto, di yun plagiarism.
Tracy Gumapas

Dear Ashley, (yes you!) what in the world happened to Amanda Bynes?
Cams Sioco

Dear Teng, alam kong nakita mo ako kanina. At alam ko ako ang swerte sa buhay mo. Kaya dapat manalo ang DLSU ngayon.
Clarence Arreza moments before a UAAP game in which DLSU lost

To the woman in the airport that was upset by the fact that I am not actually @ginnygoodwin: I know, I'm disappointed too.
Last year's So You Think You Can Dance winner Melanie Moore

Hot mental image right now.
Triple J's Linda Marigliano after I mentioned Ryan Gosling to her

Ay, mahirap ngang tumapat diyan. Sorry 'nak.
Lauren Montino on the tweet right before this

Kilala ko na yung Mario Maurer: siya ang susi para pansinin ako ng maraming babae. Daming tweets!
Neil Medina

Umaygaaaash! Di ako vain! Oh, salamin at camera, layuan mo na ako! Utang na loob!
Gay Marie Cosmiano

I don't think the pick-up line "you look familiar" works on me anymore.
Survivor: Philippines astaway RC Saint-Amour

Old man in front of me in the MRT: "Dapat pumasa na ang RH Bill. Ang dami na masyadong tao dito."
Inka Magnaye

Mamimiss ko ang mga pagkakataong kailangan kong lokohin ang sarili kong inlab ako makapagsulat lang ng wedding, honeymoon at landian scenes.
Majet Labrador

December 21, 2012 was "just a day, just an ordinary day." And I spent it "just trying to get by." I wonder where Vanessa Carlton is now.
Daniel Escolano

OMG, this is the part where the leading lady who resigns from her job puts her mug and pen holder and all other personal stuff in a box!
Hazel Elizes, on her last day at work

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