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Rilo Kiley has split up.

I remember Issa introducing me to this band. She's talk about how this song meant a lot to her, or at least, spoke a lot about her so-called "supercrush". She'd talk about how affecting the strings in the last part of the song was.

I found myself relating as well, but to another song. The first one she introduced me to, "Science vs Romance". Which led to a cryptic blog entry, which I can't find at the moment.

I was trying to look for that entry, which meant having to read all of those blog entries I wrote when I had this achingly big crush on Kizia. Ahhh, those were the times, the times when I genuinely swooned. I'm actually surprised I did not make an effort to obscure that "infatuation" on the blog, even if I thought I did. I wrote about dealing with the "heartbreak" far too much back then.

Ahhh, those were the times.

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