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Here's a blog entry for May, because I have to.

I came from Makati yesterday. I bought a dozen Krispy Kremes.

I went to Alabang before heading home, dozen Krispy Kremes in hand.

I went to a magazine store. An elderly man came to me.

"Iho, dito mo ba binili yan?"

"Ay, sa Glorietta ho."

I went to another magazine store. Along the way, in an escalator, there's a guy younger than me, maybe college-age, and his younger brother. The boy was staring at me and going, "kuya, kuya!" obviously calling his brother's attention. Then he looks at me again. And then at him again. "Kuya!" Then the older brother came to me.

"Umm, where did you buy that?"

"Glorietta." In a very in-your-face fashion, because it was annoying.
There isn't a Krispy Kreme branch in Alabang yet, although I'm hearing there will be one soon.
And my parents think Krispy Kremes don't taste as good anymore. Except for the New York cheesecake flavor. I still love it.
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