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You and me, all we want to be is lazy.

I've never done this in a while, but I thought I will because it ties up to what I'm planning pretty nicely.

I still write my reviews on Multiply. But people have been leaving Multiply in droves the way they have left Friendster in droves. And people are threatening to leave Facebook in droves. Not a good thing for my basically non-existent readership. Well, all but one.

"I will always and forever be a fan of Multiply... and of your writing, however pessimistic you can sometimes be."
Ning Hilario

Well, it could've been Claud's liner on the same topic, but I told you, I feel lazy lately, or I've been too busy, or it just doesn't tie in nicely with what I'm planning.

Tags: blogging with an incubator, facebook quotes of the time period

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